Better Blogging – Part I

From the day I started blogging, I felt the desire to understand technologies in a better way. I realized that to survive in the web world one must be familiar with the Technologies otherwise the only role you can play is a mere chatter or net surfer.

I still remember when I launched my first blog with Bloggers (Older version) and submitted it for review in blogger forum, I got such responses:

Use more images
Design a better header
Cover recent hot (perhaps spicy) stories
Submit in the blog in directories
Topic selection is a tricky one and it completely depends up on the blogger. A customized header is definitely important because viewers see the header of the blog at the first glance, so a better header renders a better impression. Images are also important since an image says a thousand words! Submitting your blog in different directories falls under SEM part and again it completely depends up on you whether you want to spare the time for this purpose or not. In my opinion, listing in 5 to 10 good directories is not bad.

The point that is missing above is “Interactivity”. You can add interactive tools like MyBlogLog widgets, Technorati Tags, Voice Comment option in your blog. This kind of tools make readers feel good about your blog and chances are high for them to spend more time on your blog. I should specify here that Google Gadgets help bloggers with lots of attractive web tools that add more functionality to your blog.

Among all the Gadgets ‘Date & Time’, ‘Weather’ are such topic that everyone likes to know about. Apart from these ‘Horoscope’ is another popular subject that people frequently talk about. So adding these kinds of Gadgets on your blog may help you attract attention of your readers.

But if you are involved in topic specific blogging, then you must be choosy while selecting gadgets. Readers may not like to see ‘Horoscope’ in a Finance Blog. In that case you can browse the Finance category of the Google Gadgets Directory and select one that better fits your need. If you want to display Charts or Graphs in the blog posts, you may try FusionCharts Google Gadget that renders customized animated Flash Charts based on the data fed by you. Or Google Finance Sector Summary Gadget to display the distribution of companies based on the day’s performance. Visit the Google Gadget Directory and pick your gadget today. I am sure you would find something suitable for your blog or web page.

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